About Us

Ningbo Medical Needle Co., Ltd. was established in 1978. It's product Linqiao brand medical device has a history of 28 years. Our business covers a wide range of series products including: microsurgery surgery suture needle, ophthalmology department special-purpose suture needle, tendon suture needle, reshaping cosmetology surgical department suture needle, ordinary holes suture needle and microsurgery surgery instruments. Our products are welcomed by all the customers.

Linqiao surgical suture needles with thread production are strictly carry on under the request of YY0033-2000(Aseptic medical instrument production management standard) .In order to ensure that all the products we supply will meet our client expectations. we have implemented a comprehensive quality control policy. We use a high quality stainless steel as the needle material. All of the processes are completed in the sterile workshop. We employ qualified technical personnel for quality control and welcome your suggestions to improve our products' quality.

We are looking for more partners to join us for long term business cooperation, and glad to provide our clients, new and old, with high quality products and good after-sales services.

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